Yes, you

~for all of my readers

May the New Year find you

Happy, Healthy and Strong

May time be graceful to you

and let you glide to earth

instead of falling

May you be strong enough

to pick yourself back up

and start again.

May no day be wasted

I hope your lips have

the courage to say

all the words you spill

onto the paper.

May you be rich in friends

In love

and in wealth.

May your ink continue to flow

and spill across my pages

so I may devour

every single word.

I hope you know

Your words matter

You matter

we matter.

We all the writers of our own stories

Make yours epic~

Happy New Year to all of you

Blessings @inkwellwriter5



A lifer’s letter

Dear 2015

You have been just a long line of unfortunate events

that I have survived and cannot wait to say goodbye to.

I will be stronger in this upcoming year and I will in no

way give you the power to kick my ass again.I have

learned way to much to give you another opportunity

to bring to my knee’s….except for prayer. So this is where

I leave you, in the past.

Regretfully Yours

A lifer

Soaked in Second Chances

I walked barefoot out of that apartment

down into the pouring rain

No damn umbrella, feeling far from sane.

My hands still balled into fist

knuckles stone white.

My feet echoed off the puddles

sending chills up my spine.

My blood was boiling

yet my skin is ice cold.

My mascara running down my face

making me look like a fool.

I continue to walk through the flooded streets

careful not to meet

anyone’s eyes

I wouldn’t want them to see

how I really feel on the inside.

A girl wound too tight

tears stained her face

she looks out of place

fell victim to her own circumstance

when she gave that asshole

a second chance.



The lover’s storm

Oceans rage against the rocks

like the fury of a scorned lover.

Spraying it’s tears as the waves crest

and the riptides collapse.

The silence of the night is broken

with screams leaving the lungs of the storm

paralyzing life…

that stands in between it’s fury and purpose.

Destroying the calm

gaining strength with each blow

pulling everything it loved

into it’s undertow.

Until nothing remained

but specks of sand

on a endless beach

and holes dug too deep

barriers broken down

and silence was

the only sound~