We created this fever, a rush of bloodlust caught between the darker sides of our souls collision. A bleed of infamy pouring into sidewalk cracks, a absence of rain to wash our shamed skin or the pavements stained with our memory. Drinking from the darkest parts of our weeping bones, we find suffering together beautiful. Leaving love notes on each other’s chest, worn as scarlet letters, learning to love the shades of red against our colorless lives. Painting words on lips & staining dreams where we meet in shitty bars only to drink from one another’s lips. Drunk on thoughts & high within each other’s fractured eyes, we wipe the tears sweetly & call ourselves a mess. We hold hands & our fingers spark, the rubbing of winter bones hungry for a thaw after a summer spent without each other’s comfort. We take in every moment as if time were a gift from angry Gods, defying fate & calling our minutes a lifelong dream. We sit in silence, our dark hearts meet between eyes & stories we will tell in our next life, where we lived beyond paper skin & sin. We refuse the thoughts of heaven, for how could stars shape the sky & not hold us perfectly suspended in each other’s arms. We curse the night as the moon turns to kiss the sun good morning as we have whispered all the mornings before this night was set. We close our eyes, knowing we live within each other’s skin & morning will hold our empty sheets & heartbeats after we begged hell for one day spent,escaping the what if. So we hold each other for seconds more, as the day breaks & touches our face with the warmth of the sun but not each other’s hold. We open our eyes to the nightmares that we live wide awake & wait for that next good morning text… So we can breathe again.We live in our twisted world of obsession & addiction spilled into a insatiable mess.For I never believed in God until I heard my name leave his lips, as a prayer


Hold on 

I cradled his face in these two palms, bringing his breath to mine. Looking through the windows that led to his soul, his eyes held all the pain. Yet I carried his future between these two hands. He allowed me to look deeper into the depths of his darkness, I allowed him to see through my light. We stood face to face in the truth that neither one of us could spill from our lips. I was his shelter and he was my home.”@inkwellwriter5

All the love and ghost

Sink don’t hope

“l. Wipe me from your memory after one last kiss. Stand here , just look through me. These two lips whisper your name and fall apart like trembling breaths. Don’t look at me that wayII. Untie these ropes that bind me to you. I’m shackled to these chains that hold me here. It keeps my skin from escaping into the soul of you. Wipe the tears from your cheek, you will live. My passport just won’t have your name. 

iII. Forget this night and everyday that happened before you let me touch your name. These hands shake and offer no refuge from your storm. They only stain me with the tears of salt. Draw a line in the sand, don’t cross it. This is my beach, you cannot be my ocean. 

IV. Drift out my skin and into the night. I promise not to beg the moon to keep you close. Let go, just this last time, kiss my mouth.. Tell me you love me and finally set yourself free of a anchor that kept you bonded to me. 

v. Sink don’t float. This driftwood won’t carry us both. Let the ocean swallow me, let these chains drag me to the bottom of the sea. Let go of hope~”


Drown with me


I. Don’t sweep me off my feet, I’m not that type of girl. Take a grip and grab my dark soul, rip it from my chest and show me what mercy is. Hold on, white knuckles, refuse to let me go. II. She is not fragile, a bloom not yet composed. Fire ignited her , forged in steel, tattered but still whole. Cares not for the pretty things, keep your pearls. Give her darkness, show her what light truly is. Reach down … Expose her for who she really is. 

III. Let her be, wild and carefree. Allow her to swallow your imagination and create poetry of your bloody body. Allow her to spill secrets from her lips, kiss them away. Blow them to the wind, set her soul free. 

IV. She has not yet lived long enough to value her own beating heart, she only knows what the world has shown her, it’s cold. Coved her, give her the warmth of a thousand kerosene lamps, light her way. She will repay you , laid across your beating heart. Keep her safe, from everyone but you. Ignite her , let her burn long into the night. 

V. Leaving a empty room, steel hearts and your salvation at the door. Let her exist in the beauty of the night. A moth to the flame with no care for daylight. Bring her home, give in… She has only but one night.



“Brush your lips against the page, show me what poetry really is. Show me how the syllables leave your lips, show me what it feels like beneath your kiss.Tell me how to make the ink flow, teach me to create beauty with simple quotes. Press your heart against the page, show me love and all the rage. Place your lips against my page, blow the words all away~”@inkwellwriter5

Reflections of Me

I. I chase shadows by moonlight

sleeping with ghosts,that can no longer hold hands

because my past can’t bare to face me.

II.The shadows cling to tea stained walls

crawling beneath the skin that contains my soul.

Prickling pale winter flesh against my brittle bones.

The holy ghost is running through me.

III.Stars forged in spilled inkwell skies

tear stained cheeks, glimpse emerald eye’s

who shatter mirrors & reflections

pieces of life shattered among the dark.

IV.Each shard of glass

glimmers against the star filled night.

Wooden floors translucent,

as mirror fragments reflect me.

Almost beautiful, broke pieces

Every memory of me.

V.Barefoot shadows creep against the grain

The beauty outweighs the pain

of pierced soles collecting

shards of her life.

VI.Replacing each tear

with a drop of blood,

turning a translucent sea of me

into the crimson color of she.

Spilled across the wooden floor

a puzzle of mirrored images

of the girl she used to be~