He loved the way the sun hit her face

Creating a aura around her

He loved her laughter

When it spilled from her mouth

He loved the way she smelled of lilac

Like a summers day

He loved her endless legs

That he could look at all day

He loved her green eyes

For the shimmered like the stars

He loved loving her

From afar

He knew if he allowed her to walk into his life

She would destroy him with her body

He couldn’t take that chance

So he left her on the train

Where they never met

He fell in love with a girl

And he didn’t even know her name



She is full of guilt

Full of strife

She needed to save their life.

Her addiction to fixing everyone else problems

Their addiction to not coping with their actions

Drowning in a sea of meth, Coke and heroin

Trying to chase their feelings away

She is stronger then she looks

Holding them down white knuckled

While they spit in her face and cursed her name

She wept for their struggles

And continued to pray

Just a few more hours of hell to pay

The wet basement floor , where it went down

Restraining them from bashing her head on the ground

Eye contact is made, they see the tears in her eyes

They know she will never give up on them

They begin to cry

Still holding them down on that cold tile

She gives a cold smile

Maybe it’s hope for a better days

A life without drugs and no hell to pay

A calm takes over, and their bodies come to ease

Eyes close

Oh God please

She sits on their stiff bodies , hands release

Withdrawal is a hell, you wish not to see

But she lays beside him , on the basement floor

Closes her eyes , this is what heroin took from me


A text arrives on her phone

It’s says goodbye

She jumps in her truck without saying a word

Drove a hour to the W.W bridge

He stood before on the other side of the grates

She is silenced and her mouth won’t move

He stares down at the dark abyss

No eye connect made

His words spill from his mouth

“I can’t do this anymore”

She prays to the lord, please give me the right words to say

He screams. “Do you hear me??? I can’t fucking live like this!”

She mutters, “then don’t ”

He releases one hand from the rail that holds his life

He looked like a angel swaying in the breeze

Looks at his sister and begs her please…

Tears rolled down her face.

She asked him, “ why call me to watch you jump?”

This image and words will never leave my heart

he whispers, “ because you are the only one willing to catch me”

She walked over and took his hand

And whispered, “ I’m afraid of falling”

And with that she climbed over the grates that held life

Held his hand

And said, “ but I will jump with you”

He looked confused

And asked why…

She simply said , “ when your not here…. who will catch me when I fall?”

Drugs/love/ still standing on the bridge of life



They say I am broken, depressed and have anxiety. They say I need therapy. They say I should be medicated…you know to be normal again. I say give me a pen and paper, the only therapy I need. Let me write it all down and get it out of my system. Then give me a lighter, so I can burn these memories away. I say, I am the only one who can fix me, with time, words and flame. You can keep your medication and your insufferable words….because I have my own to write~