Can you breathe life into these

Dying lungs , to make me 

Remember what it feels

Like to live again? 

Would you shine an ember

Into this dark soul 

So she remembers what

Warmth feels like?

Can you find a reason 

To peer into these lost eyes

Creating a connection

That makes her believe

That love isn’t just a fairy tale?

Would you be willing 

To take a shaky hand

And remind it to grab hold

Of some place safe? 

Could you kiss these lips 

That have kissed more 

Bottles than boys

To make her think

The mouth of a lover

Is sweeter than the 

Poison she pours down 

Her screaming throat?

Would you

If you could

Love a broken girl

On guided wings

Lost in nightmares

And daydreams? 



Cover to Cover

I know you, your cover

And unread pages by others. 

Living in my life

Like my favorite book. 

Pulled from shelves

So many times, by your lover

Leaving paper trails in my heart. 

I know the feel of your paper skin

With licked fingers

To turn your pages

So it begins

Holding onto breaths

With the next word …
I run my finger down your spine. 

Held with curiosity, grace 

My mind your resting place. 

Highlighted are my unforgettable 

Parts, of love and page turning

Words that snuck into my heart. 

As I place your book 

Against my flesh

Knowing it will remain

My favorite story

Of us


Bleeding Hearts

Can we bleed out veins
With sharp tongues
Aching for release?
Would the blood spilled
Be any more scarlet
Than the ink we bleed
Onto scraps of paper?
Can we survive storms
Within ourselves
Salt kissing skin
Streaking down a memory
Meant for us to let go of?
Are we capable of walking
Among our own shadows
Chasing demons
Who torment the broken soul
That lies within?
Can our last breath
Be our last embrace
Of black lungs clinging to life
Holding out for a taste
Of a sweeter life,
Beyond expectations
Or salvation


God, your an open wound
Refusing to heal…
Leaving linen sheets stained
And chapped skin blistered.
Your name rolls of my tongue
Spilling the poison down a thirsty throat
Gagging me , with a metallic taste
Leaving me cold and breathless.
I want to hate every line
That makes your face
So unforgettable
Erasing from this existing place.
I need you like another
Lashing to my heart
Screaming yes to the pain
Bringing a smile when it flows
Through my aching body
Only to find it more empty
Than a closed casket.
You ruined me, spoiled my flesh
For another to love
And I hate you, for loving me
But I can’t forget
Your fucking name


Peel back my skin
And show the world my scars
Tell them the story
Of how love went to far.
Open these veins
And bleed them from the past.
Place lips against a mouth
Breathing new air
Into dying lungs.
Take an eraser and hide the pain
Leaving shavings across the skin
Then blow them all away.
A steady hand
Needle and thread
Stitch my flesh to my soul
Give it purpose to hold.
Stand me up
Dress me like a doll
Stocking feet and a painted smile
Buckle my shoes
Send me out into the world
Good girl
Good enough for the world
To mask the cracks
Stitches to tight
To put up a fight.
Now walk
Don’t look back
This is life
Put one puppet on a string
Make her move
But you can’t make her live

Lovers in the sky

The sun and moon share a secret

But never in the same place or time.
For the moon loved the sun
Eternally seeking her warmth
And chased her through the sky.

As he would rise

She would fall

Moonbeams and sunsets in all.
The sun was magnetized
By the beams of light
Shown in his darkest hours
Falling to the horizon
For their love was never
Shared among the stars.
Her dying breaths
Were felt in echoes
Of dark nights
Upon her eternal resting place.
He provided light
When she was all alone
Waiting to be reborn at dawn.
The moon waited until the day

Where his shadow
Would pass through her light.
A long awaited kiss
And a solar eclipse



Chalk Dust

Maybe fate had a plan 

Chalked out among the stars

Until a breath of unexpected

Wasted away a dream.

Like ocean waves 

Chasing tides

Or the sun and the moon

Meeting in the sky

As one rises and the other falls

Destined to never 

Share the empty space. 

Or wishes falling

Upon dying stars

Wasting  dreams

On possibilities 

Of never been

Or will be. 

Maybe love is just 

A breath away from 

Being a outline

Of blown chalk dust

Left with shadows

Of yesterday’s promises

A handprint smudged

Against the beating heart

Of a girl destined

To never fall in love