Fire Soul 

Leave me in the fire, let this body burn, the soul escapes the flame. Smoke will carry my essence beyond the horizon where all the tormented lay. Rise up from the ashes, leave the cinders at your feet, I was never bound to this world anyway. Choke on your repute, I still have my scars , living among the winds that wish to carry me far. My flame is eternal, that will rip your darkness from your soul. Keep this image locked away for as long as the night is dark. I will haunt you from beyond the smoke. These embers never die, you just fueled my fire and there is no one to blame for the inferno I set forth when I come from you.


Hold on 

I cradled his face in these two palms, bringing his breath to mine. Looking through the windows that led to his soul, his eyes held all the pain. Yet I carried his future between these two hands. He allowed me to look deeper into the depths of his darkness, I allowed him to see through my light. We stood face to face in the truth that neither one of us could spill from our lips. I was his shelter and he was my home.”@inkwellwriter5

All the love and ghost

Broken girl

I. She wipes the tears from her eyes that never come, and saves them for the rain. Collecting each in a mason jar and promises to set them free one day. She takes her smile from her pocket and paints it on her face. Untucks her heart from the sheets that kept it warm at night, only to place it within a cage of ribs to hold it up right.

II. She pulls her hair up and knots it in a bow, so the breeze won’t misplace her soul. She smiles but it’s no more real than a fairytale that hasn’t been written in her book, for her pen does not write of happily ever afters. Staring at her reflection, her green eyes fight to look alive. Heavy breaths expelled from lungs that don’t seem to work.
 III. Carry on little girl, the world is cold. Zip up your jacket and block out the sun. It doesn’t care to lay touch on skin too cold to touch the world. It is at your fingertips, ones you refuse to extend, to grab the moon and pocket more than smiles, girl you could have the stars~



There are pieces of me strewn across the floor, in fragments of glass and mirrors that no longer hold my place. These eyes stare into reflections of the girl I claimed to be, changed by love, by another’s soul… Who brought all the pieces I should of thrown. I created myself in the image of who you thought I should be. Instead of living up to the girl I knew I could be. Every shard of glass was a piece of me, of our past and all the love that didn’t last. So I broke every last piece of that mirror and my reflection was set free. The eyes staring back , are of a girl who took back every lost piece of her and created me ~


Caged hearts

Where do you keep tormented souls and caged hearts? Buried beneath the past , under mud and memories, dug so deep down into earth, they have become the core of my existence. Would you remove the rocks and dirt from this resting place, allowing light to grace my face. Could you use two hands and gentle breaths to blow the dust off of love. Will you use your strength and break my ribs placing the missing pieces back into a chest that barely breathes, only to hold on. Would you look past the pain as the tears fall my mouth screams as every rib is cracked wide open, exposing me? Would you wipe the tears with your mouth and swallow down all the years I lived before you? Could you possibly make room beneath my chest and share the space in between my lungs, with a heart that was buried, long before the thought of me touching you? Take your hands and rip these memories from my chest, hand deliver me from the ground, bury the past within the place where my heart slept last ~




Eventually we all grow up to be adults. Leaving the dreamers, chasers, star gazers and the hopeless youths behind us. The only memory that exist of our carefree days is the ink we spilled, that will remind exactly who we were, what we were running from or towards. All the dreams that escaped were that of youth … Chasers of the impossible, writers who became just that authors of their own stories and creators of the new one that once lived between the pages of hope & ink”@inkwellwriter5

Break down these walls 

I built these walls to keep the world from drowning me, each piece placed with intention. To cover all the vulnerable places my soul has been missing. The weight is a burden on such a fragile mind, weighted down with concrete. Each stone holds a story of my life of my past and all the moments I wish to forget. The walls are cold, the ground is bare, each one a lesson to share. 

Build up your walls little girl, lock yourself away. Nothing can harm you if you stay this way. The higher you build, the more weight it has to bare. Eventually all those lessons will crush you, and your soul , a lesson not to wear. Keeping the world at hands reach only keeps you safe while you sleep, never allowing the sun to touch your skin or a person to touch your heart, will leave you buried beneath dust and rock.