The keeper

Her ink her weapon of choice

Coursing through veins and spilling desires

Upon the pages of linen

Soaked in tea and marked with the scent of her warmth

The ink ran like secrets whispered to the soul

Every intimate word , every lick of soft lips

Teased the paper

And her mind, delving into the deepest parts of her life

To heavy for the world to hold

Her story became safe tucked in between the letters she wrote

She sealed her fate with a kiss

All the secrets of who she was 

Is written in between the lines ~ 




Make my bloody body a poem

Write a story swept in kisses

Allow your tongue to be the pen

My flesh your canvas. 

Place your brush against my spine

Whisper colors into my ear

Wet my lips with your words 

Tell the story of us

With nothing more than

Colliding souls


Morning Drift

The morning light fell upon her face

Sheets were warm against her naked skin. They held her body like a forgiving embrace. Her eyes not fully adjusted to the light, fully opened… Breathing in the day. The tears from the night before had dried against her cheeks, she bit her bottom lip to prove to herself that she was no longer dreaming. Her heart felt content in the moment, it no longer ached in absence. She realized her soul had finally let him go… And decided to let her live again ~


Coffee & Lies

Her coffee tasted like a morning sunrise. Deliciously dunked in dawns light. Sweetened with cream from the heavens. She held the mug to her lips, the steam whirled around her face. The first taste on the tongue, enveloped her senses. Brought her the feeling of comfort and love. Sipping on the honey of the morning, embracing the day. Knowing this is how you start today ~


My fingers are torches
This heart a flame
Exhaling only smoke
When my lungs decide to breatheThere are embers smoldering 
As I walk against the coals
Cinders of the life 
I set ablaze

I burn down every moment
With a single touch
Every dream is covered in ash
Hopes no longer flicker in the fire

My eyes are stained red
Bloodshot and drunk
My temper an inferno
Waiting for life to fuel my fire

Every step is a scorched step
Imprinted within the earth
Nothing is sacred
My breath burns

Leaving scars on those
Who came to close
Loving a girl
With a matchstick heart
Filled with fuel

A fire in her heart
And no control ~




Tear me apart, I’m over ripping into my own flesh. Feed me to the darkest parts of your soul. My shadow doesn’t even chase me anymore.

II. Life is to cold to keep me warm. The blanket of your love has been devoured by moths attracted to what used to be my inner light.

III. This body is broken, my heart left caged. Breaking each rib trying to escape myself. The pain is nothing compared to the loss of you. I am hollow, a ghost that haunts the life I used to live.

IV. I drift in and out of sleep, your face imprinted on my eyelids, your voice echoes against these white walls. I’m tied to a bed, unable to feel freedom from your light.

V. Tell the sun to stop shining
Tell the moon to stop trying, I am not worthy of this light. Let me fall into darkness, where it is the only place … I can still feel your arms. Wrapped around a writhing body, screaming not to wake up.
IV. When I open my eyes you no longer exist. Leave me in my nightmare, at least let me fall with grace. The only place I can truly exist with you, is in this hell, my final resting place~