Empty beds

I guess I lost you 

In between sunset and sunrise

Somewhere before the divide

I woke to no heartbeat

Against the sheets

Or cold feet against my thighs

No lull of your breathing

Or pull from the sheets

The chill of the absence

Left my spine untouched

By warm hands

A pulse echoing against my skin

The wrap in the blanket

Covering two souls

The rise of your chest

The falling of my heart

Just touched by sun

The only love, 
I can count on”


All Suns set eventually


Sink don’t hope

“l. Wipe me from your memory after one last kiss. Stand here , just look through me. These two lips whisper your name and fall apart like trembling breaths. Don’t look at me that wayII. Untie these ropes that bind me to you. I’m shackled to these chains that hold me here. It keeps my skin from escaping into the soul of you. Wipe the tears from your cheek, you will live. My passport just won’t have your name. 

iII. Forget this night and everyday that happened before you let me touch your name. These hands shake and offer no refuge from your storm. They only stain me with the tears of salt. Draw a line in the sand, don’t cross it. This is my beach, you cannot be my ocean. 

IV. Drift out my skin and into the night. I promise not to beg the moon to keep you close. Let go, just this last time, kiss my mouth.. Tell me you love me and finally set yourself free of a anchor that kept you bonded to me. 

v. Sink don’t float. This driftwood won’t carry us both. Let the ocean swallow me, let these chains drag me to the bottom of the sea. Let go of hope~”


Drown with me

Reflections of Me

I. I chase shadows by moonlight

sleeping with ghosts,that can no longer hold hands

because my past can’t bare to face me.

II.The shadows cling to tea stained walls

crawling beneath the skin that contains my soul.

Prickling pale winter flesh against my brittle bones.

The holy ghost is running through me.

III.Stars forged in spilled inkwell skies

tear stained cheeks, glimpse emerald eye’s

who shatter mirrors & reflections

pieces of life shattered among the dark.

IV.Each shard of glass

glimmers against the star filled night.

Wooden floors translucent,

as mirror fragments reflect me.

Almost beautiful, broke pieces

Every memory of me.

V.Barefoot shadows creep against the grain

The beauty outweighs the pain

of pierced soles collecting

shards of her life.

VI.Replacing each tear

with a drop of blood,

turning a translucent sea of me

into the crimson color of she.

Spilled across the wooden floor

a puzzle of mirrored images

of the girl she used to be~




Peel back my skin
And show the world my scars
Tell them the story
Of how love went to far.
Open these veins
And bleed them from the past.
Place lips against a mouth
Breathing new air
Into dying lungs.
Take an eraser and hide the pain
Leaving shavings across the skin
Then blow them all away.
A steady hand
Needle and thread
Stitch my flesh to my soul
Give it purpose to hold.
Stand me up
Dress me like a doll
Stocking feet and a painted smile
Buckle my shoes
Send me out into the world
Good girl
Good enough for the world
To mask the cracks
Stitches to tight
To put up a fight.
Now walk
Don’t look back
This is life
Put one puppet on a string
Make her move
But you can’t make her live

Bitter Love

Your name chills me to my bone
As they sing to your heart.
They call into the dark night
Searching for a spark
To light a bitter cold life

Do your torches burn
Hot enough to melt
Frozen tears chapped to cheeks
Could they make this hollow
Girl believe in , possibly
Uncaging her dying heart?

Can you bring forth
Comfort on exhaling lungs
Darkened by the ash of yesterday
Bringing grief to his knees
Kissing away tomorrow
Returning favors
For connected souls

Will you chose to stay
Or just linger by the gates of hell
Waiting for flames to die down
Create smoke
That is blown away
By a simple breath

Will I be enough in the end
Can I still call you home
Or were just a smoke break
That I am addicted to?


Bonnie & Clyde

I will be your Bonnie to your Clyde
Breaking rules as souls collide
Both barrels loaded
Kissing shotguns with greedy lips
As we blow away the heavens
Ending in a battle of spilled bullets
Leaving this world on a devils dream
Spilling out blood across the green.
We lived wild and free
Dark hearts, collected souls
With blood spilled across the page.

Lived life on last breaths
For love is a revolver waiting
For two steady hands to pull the trigger.
Within the eyes of the hunted
They became the hunters
For a fearless finish
Ending where it started
Among the breaths
Of the dark lovers
The broken hearted~

Bonnie’s headstone ~
As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, so this old world is made brighter by the lives of folks, like you.