She is heaven & hell

Wrapped in a pretty paper tube

Pixie sticks sprinkled on hungry lips

Waiting for tongues to take a taste

Of sugar filled veins

So high on sweet

You will forget your name

She will draw you in

Moth to a flame

Turn your temptations

Into soft wax, melting against flesh

Whispers in ears

She will say, “Do it again”

Her mouth will be the fire

Drowning your lungs in ash

Her eyes will captivate your intentions

You will pray to be her last

She will build you up

Until your only thought is to explode

Then take her claws

Sinking them into lusty flesh

Rip your heart out
& leave it on the floor

She will find your eyes

Send pity onto your soul

Pick up each piece of the mess

Kissing each shard

Placing it to two lips

Only to rebuild it

Once again, so she can claim it

You will become her sole purpose

In her chaos, within her hell

She will destroy your every need

With mouths that feed

Only to break you down

Piece by piece

With sugar coated lips

You will have no choice to submit

To the mistress that owns 

Your nightmares

Dressed like a angel

In disguise , only to keep you

-too much sugar is not always good for you



Lovely Bones

A mouth traces the bones

Of shoulder blades

Tongue to flesh

Pulses that race

Tips of tongues

Taste a lover

Falling into hands

Out of clothes

Shoulders bared

Fingers scroll

Whispers on skin

Flirting with chaos

Lost in moments

Hunger grows

Bodies lock

Against the night

Backs arch

Eyes closed

Arms reach

Legs entangle

Lust spills

Lungs starved

For needy breaths

Drowning in another’s greed

A lover to take

Hungry mouths

To feed


All the lovely bones


Coaxed from her slumber
Eyes wide open
Needy hands
Greedy mouth
Lustful sins
Thirsty for more
Quenching desires
Kissing lips
Biting down

Falling into him
Colliding sins
Fading to black
Sprawled across her back
Stained in me”


All of you… Pieces of me