I found you

between each word

My fingers trembling

As I scrawled across each syllable

Every ounce of raw form

Hidden beneath the page

Pulses ignited

Stirring bones that slept

My eyes shed salt stains

Down cheeks untouched

Lips not kissed

All the fears

To be read

Through skipped lines

Of all the words

Your heart bleeds

The truth

Your mouth does not speak

For fear of losing

The mark

Of a masterpiece”


– I am your shelter


Remains of the day



She tucked her soul behind her ears
So the wind would not carry it
Far from touch, from any breeze
Hid her heart and her flesh

Among the weeping willows branch

Hung on strips of linen

Laid her skin in the grass

Where the lavender and sage would grow wild and carefree like her soul

Planted her dreams in the grounds

Of the beautiful earth

Watered them with promises

So they would grow

She kept her songs

Safe in her pocket

They only left their place

To grace her lips

The only part of her that remained 

Was a smile, and a sun kissed nose

Waiting on the moon

She held her breath

Catching fireflies and dreams in jars

A girl lost within

The shadows

Of her creation

Tempting life to keep her

As long as her memories

Still lingered