I found you

between each word

My fingers trembling

As I scrawled across each syllable

Every ounce of raw form

Hidden beneath the page

Pulses ignited

Stirring bones that slept

My eyes shed salt stains

Down cheeks untouched

Lips not kissed

All the fears

To be read

Through skipped lines

Of all the words

Your heart bleeds

The truth

Your mouth does not speak

For fear of losing

The mark

Of a masterpiece”


– I am your shelter



Can you forgive yourself

For falling for someone like me?

A chaotic mess

A mistake taken too lightly

Born on lust and forget

Taking you back to a time 

Before we were just you and me?

Does my name leave your lips 

When you to confess to the moon

Wish on dying stars…

Where we are together

The world to cold to carry us here

Choices that made us who we are? 

Two separate souls 

Living different lives

In denial of all our lies

Made a choice to hold on 

To the very best parts of you

Your heart, your love … Our ink 

One day the words will flow

Like our open hearts

Ready to love 

Without any missing parts 

The ink will remain

A reminder of when we were living in the same

Story ~ 



My ink is nothing more than words on paper…
They are nothing more than tear streaked smudges across lines
Ink written in blood from thoughts
I care not to speak
But to put to bed 
Resting on lips
Sleeping on paper
Fearing nothing 
Raw and Naked
Except when my heart burst
Onto this canvas
Painting a picture
Of who I am
Not who you want me to be…


I.The broken always find the hopeless

Their whispers can be heard on the drifting winter winds

A song to sing to hollow bones 

That draw them in. 

II. Wretched souls unbound, twisting in their own plight 

Chasing shadows in the morning light

Holding hands with ghost

Letting go of who you love the most.

IIi. Digging graves with bare hands

Placing dirt on boxes that hold the past

Saying goodbye with a handful of ash and sand.

IV. Tears sweep cheeks on missed kisses, chapped lips and winters reason

Hands fisted at this unfair life

In darkness , there is always light

V.Time is infinite, yet there is never enough

I will keep you locked away in the cage of my ribs

Take my heart as you leave

So you always have a piece of me

VI. There is a shovel beside my bed

It holds the ability to move earth

Free you from your past

Take away the shadows

Where promises actually last



I cannot imagine what you think of me as my pulse meets the paper and the ink spills across the moonlight. 

I waged a war with false promises and wrote every letter down . Trying to cope , bathing in moonlight and staining my skin in mistakes. 

I’m a private person , or maybe I am just too week, where papers holds my strength and my pen is my hallelujah . 

I write from a internal beckoning, a raw and emotional grave. Where my spilled tears are mopped up with whiskey and my heart never gives up on anyone but me. 

There a tree of bones out front my door , where skeletons hang and ghost gather to call out my name. 

Yet I am not afraid to still stand on bending knees and bring my troubles to the sky. 

Call me hopeful or call me home, I never truly found my place here. I built my life around those I refuse to call hopeless. 

Picking up the bibles and shattering windows as I step into the light. My heart is dark but I promise you my intentions are pure . 

So as you fall into my words and believe that my words are to sharp for brittle edges, they were forged in steel and promises , and my mouth still draws the words I love you. 

One day the sun will be at my back and the warmth with rekindle sparks in a dying heart. I will never turn back so I am blinded by the light… For my future may hold some darkness but I have never said no to a fight~