Leave me unholy

Still chasing the cedar waters of the pines with ghost, holding hands with memories better left in the woods. Where my soul was once clean & untouched by the crumbling churches and stained glass choices, running from the life of a preachers voice. Sleeping on altars through services, wearing shame as a dress made of the dirtiest linen, lips blood soaked in mercy, never tasted.

Left with handprints on white skin from altar boys who couldn’t resist kissing behind wooden pews, their vile fingers tracing the hem of my skirt, staining my flesh in sin. Staring into the eyes of the devil & daring his intentions because that’s what preachers daughters do. Pressed against the fountain where souls were once washed clean in baptism, now tarnished by dirty hands and missing skirts. Washing my mouth out with the unclean water, promising never to do it again.

We all rebel from the day we are born, cursing our life and assuming we deserve to touch sky with delicate fingertips, yet I have never known nothing more intimate than lying to myself & drenching my salvation in shame, while the good Lord watched. Father always said, I was kissed by the devil, little did he know I was hell bent & marked by the flames. I still taste his bone & ash every time I drink from God’s fountain with empty eyes.

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can only hope these broken wings
Still have the ability to hold you
Grasping onto flesh and bones
To survive the storms

I pray they are strong enough

To hold your soul to mine

Shelter you from raining cheeks

For all of time

I wish they were stronger

Than the whispers life left on me
Darker than the marks stained

On hearts that only want

Love… Not pain

So take hold of these ebony arms

Feel my breeze against your cheek

Collapse against my strength

I am calling you home~


Holy Ghost

I heard her whisper to the ghost

A echo of a dying voice

But the heavens didn’t hear her cry anyway…

Her words clung to the heavens and the sky

In tears of hopes and dreams that die

But you didn’t hear her echo anyway

The ghost peered in her darkened soul

And whispered to the lord 

Just let her go

Her tears have a place

We cannot erase 

Her knees to her chest

Her palms to her face

Too many mistakes to erase

But you don’t care anyway…

She begged the ghost to lead her home

And wipe the shame from her soul 

But tears don’t lie

And ghost don’t compromise … 

And she cries anyway.

He whispered in her ear

There is no place for you here

So just let us go…, my dear

Save your tears for another year

When the Lord calls you by name

In tears , life lived in vane

Echoes of the Holy Ghost


Fall from Grace

Angels are at the mercy of their creators, and walk within the rules of heaven. Never to be admired nor adored, for their fates have more in store. They are the watchers and walkers over human life, a wicked atrocity, for they will never have the love of a human being. Handed a life to just watch and never intervene between the human world and heavens dream. A fate destined in the stars, marked by Gods and angelic beings, never to cling to the word of being anything more than a soulful whisper in your ear. They come in the form of consciousness, from words your soul should dare to listen. For on the shoulder of their carrier, sits Satan in all his rage demanding payment for this day and age. Choices of the heavens desires lay heavy on the shoulders of their providers.Then again the whisper of unsatisfied rage to have the devil speak into your ear, to fill your needs, wants and carnivorous desires.

This is the fall of an angel, who wanted more than her life demanded, her tale of fate and her irrevocable fall from grace. She chose to love a human soul and interfered with what his life was to hold. His destined life was to become a powerful mind and cure the end of days with his medicinal en devours, creating a world without disease and his discoveries. His life mapped out before he was even a man, the Gods created this simple plan.His only downfall would be his need to have someone else to love with ease. A fight the creators thought he could overcome, and become the savior of a world undone.Yet the heavens, cannot deny a life suspended in choice, for we are all born with a voice. Hence why angels were created  to give them a conscious, for their needs to be pleased.

A love defined by two beings both human in nature is a story mapped in constellations and wished upon dying stars. To live within the realms of hearts ready to love. Who is an angel to fly above and embrace the heartbreak of this race? She watched their journey, as whispered nothing into the ears of the man , who was destined to be a part of the Gods plan. She fell in love with their whispers of love and devotion. Full well knowing his love for this delicate girl would shatter this world. Yet their words laid heavy upon her fleeting heart, and she knew what was about to start. The soul of this angel, broke the rules of intentions to ward the mine to other perceptions. She would not be a part in tearing down dreams and a life filled with love and human beings. She whispered just once into a heartsick soul, “Never, never let her go.”

The heavens screamed and the angel was called out by name. Grace! How dare you intervene? Causing cosmic catastrophes among the lands and sea…fulling a prophecy, you were intended to stop. Their future laid in your angelic hands for you to throw stability of promise to the wind. Her choices altered time and promise of the human world, for a love affair with a girl. She acknowledged her failure, but only to their eyes, she knew more than what the future told. Grace was brought to the gates of heaven and realms, awaited her sentence to be expelled. Her heart heavy but her promise true, to live a life not seen through.

Her life lay in the hands of the creator, for she had interfered with fate, cursing this angels, fall from grace. In the heavens design, perched upon the edge of time and crimson skies, a fall could leave her wingless. For she was afraid of flying, let alone the thought of falling from the height of heaven and landing on the early place, in her disgrace. Head held down, to shield her tear stained face, she floated and waited to hear her fate.

All of her memories collapsed against the sands of time. Forcing her to close her eyes as the winds of nature, held her suspended against the sun.Waiting on the dismissal of her life as an angel of sight.The clouds parted like a raging sea. Blue and violet hues of light evoked her name, bringing forth thunder and unstoppable rains. For the heavens cried the loss of a winged disaster only to spoil her reflection, in the eye’s of her master.

Clenched eye’s, ears open awaiting the sound of the harps to play, an exit that would not be delayed.The sound of the strings brought forth tear’s and a sudden rush of empathy. For angel’s do not receive the courtesy of salt stained cheeks on words to escape.Their fall is as silent as the screams of the unknown, forced from their throats , to be only heard on the harps softest note.


In time~

He was born nine months later, and raised by a loving mother and father who fell in love despite the heavens. He grew up loving medicine and science and swore he would make a difference in this world. He became the man who found the cure for cancer, and saved the souls of millions. His cure came 2 months to late  as his father battled and believed in his sons ability to change the world.He honored his memory, by calling the cure Graced.

The heavens cried that day in the pouring rain and the lightning echoed off mountaintops where the gods gathered and summoned a fallen angel home. Yet she refused to hear their calls, for her life was perched upon the shadows of the boy turned to man, who was destined for immense plans~

Her fall from grace~ ©