Lovely Bones

A mouth traces the bones

Of shoulder blades

Tongue to flesh

Pulses that race

Tips of tongues

Taste a lover

Falling into hands

Out of clothes

Shoulders bared

Fingers scroll

Whispers on skin

Flirting with chaos

Lost in moments

Hunger grows

Bodies lock

Against the night

Backs arch

Eyes closed

Arms reach

Legs entangle

Lust spills

Lungs starved

For needy breaths

Drowning in another’s greed

A lover to take

Hungry mouths

To feed


All the lovely bones


My playground

Her hair was tied in bows

Toes pointed to the air

As I watched her skirt fly up

Her head tilted back

Echoing the sky

Eyes closed, pointed toes

On that old playground swing

She had a careless nature

Inquisitive smile

I was curious

So I stayed awhile

To watch her float on dreams

Her throat hummed

Spilling into the daylight

The swing carried her high

I was lost in a trance

Eyes glued to a blonde haired

Fiery soul hell bent on flying

I approached her

Asked her if I could join in the fun

If possibly she could hop

Off that cloud and push me

She opened her eyes

A laugh bubbled inside her

Her voice made my hair stand on end

As she hopped off that swing

Pushing hard as she can

She swung me to heaven

Then right back down to hell…

She whispered, the swings are mine

You spent enough time here

Go play with the little girls

Over on the slide

They have nothing to hide

This playground is mine

With that she kicked sand in my face

Laughing as she hopped back

Up in that swing

Locking eyes with the boy

Who wanted to use her

For a free ride

-playtime is over


Stitch in I’m sorry 

I. Bare you chest, I have the needle & thread to make you whole again. Wipe the tears, bite down on the pain. Remember you asked me to show you no mercy. Slipping needles through flesh, to enclose a cage.
II. The blood spills, but so does the truth. You ripped my heart from its chest. My lungs cannot function without the echo of a heartbeat. It won’t take long, for me to close your wounds. 
III. Don’t look at me with those eyes darling, I don’t want to become lost. You are my patient, I am your retribution. I will wipe that sin off your skin. 
III. This scar will forever remind you of the mistakes you made. When you chose to free another’s heart from a cage. In return , I have stolen yours. The blood on my hands, the beat of your heart, against a palm… Beautiful. 
IV. Don’t worry , you will live. Your ribs will mend and your chest will remain empty. No one will ever know, what I have taken. Until you try and love again. Then you are mistaken. 
V. I took pity on your soul, stitched you up but left a hole. I committed your heart to my chest, and I know you will forever remember my fucking name.

Drowning in ink

She forgot to close her book

As she drifted into dreams

All of her ink came pouring out

Flooding her life in streams

Memories flooding the halls

Words clinging to mirrors

Haunting her reflection

Of all the past, she wrote down

Choking her lungs

Everything she put to paper

Gathered at her feet

Skin stained in ink

Syllables entangle legs 

Left kicking and screaming

No strength to swim

In the poetry she had written

To escape her present

Burning her past 

In words that came back

To combine her future

With her past

A tidal wave of significance

Etching her soul

With every last word

Drowning in every word

You have ever heard”


You cannot out live your ink