The Fall of the Queen

There is a storm brewing

Over wonderland 

A card of fools 

Released the queen

Setting her free

To crumble hearts

Her garden of roses

Once stained luscious red 

Now stained in stolen prose

Blaming each for not 

Crafting their own

Her eyes of green 

Screamed jealously

As she ripped the roses 

From their stems

Piercing fingertips

With thorns

From her verbal abuse

Her house of cards

Played by the fools

Carried on her wicked ways

Though the authors of this story

Know there shall be 

Hell to pay

For this my queen

Will always be Alice’s story

Your roses will grow again

For you pulled their blooms 

Forgetting their roots

They will come back stronger

& brighter than any future

You may try to pluck

Fair warning my falling queen

The true villain has been named

Wonderland will forever reign

& Alice will see to their future

Now, if you choose to play

Be kind or we shall reply

( Off with her head)

Signed the true authors of our own story x


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