Carrying Hope

She carried hope in wicker baskets

Wrapped in burlap bows

Took nothing in thank you’s
Just cared enough to ease your woes
Piping hot bread wrapped in baking paper, strawberries plucked from the wine fields.

Dreams in bags of silver 
Possibilities held in corked jars

Anything your heart could need

Laid in a wicker basket of bountiful seeds. 

Repayment made in the thankful eyes of hungry children

In the hearts of the unloved, now needed

In the smiles of all the faces

Within her travels of all these places. 

Twigs bound to flame

Wax to melt the candles

Silver to line the pockets 

Watching time on sunrises

Carrying water for the thirsty

In wicker baskets, tied with burlap bows, 

from a woman who passed on hope



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