Cemetery Gates

I. She kneels before the cemetery that she built, with her own two hands. Finding a resting places for all the dreams she never had. Locked away her heart within this prison providing dirt as company for buried intentions. She lays lilies on the piles, of each mound of expectations. Wipes the tears from her eyes, replacing it with dirt. 

II. She carried each day in her pocket, filling each crevice with stone, until the weight of her decisions brought her further away from home. She poured out her eyes and pockets, laying each in a row, on marble concrete slabs with dreams she has never known. 

III. Kissing each rock as if they were a wish and burying them within the plots, she marked with twigs and the reasons they could not live. Covering each in mud and a quiet hum, until each rock held a home. She allowed her tears to be their catacomb, and watched them drown beneath her feet. 

IV. She picked herself up from the ground, all her dreams buried within each mound and watered with the rain if tears. She knew one day, her life would offer her a shovel and strength to uncover all the times she wept. Exposing the dreams to the sun, making each one come true, one by one~



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