Eagle Wings

“She blew in on a summers night 
Held promises with both hands, their grip tighter than ropes that binded her. With dreams for dreamers and a butterfly net, she chased her choices without regret. 
Her expectations of a cold world was humbled by the warmth of the sun as her nights were guided by wishes and fireflies. She captured each in shattered moonshine jars. 
She licked tainted lips soaked in whiskey as she prayed to the heavens for release. She begged for wings that graced her back and the ability of flight. 
To soar through winds on Eagles winds, to live with the clouds of beds. Resting her soul on sunsets and placing her wants upon the moon. Living within the summer breeze, the wind in her face and prayers said from knees. 
Fly with eagles as they swallow you whole, a purpose to glide and a reason to fall~”@inkwellwriter5

The sky will keep me from gracing the ground


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