Letting go of dreams

The room is filled with night

Silenced by a sleeping world

Moon reflecting off of panes of glass

Capturing shadows in full form.

My body lays motionless

On a bed that does not share you,

My chest rises and falls

With each breath

I feel my pulses throb against my neck.

My heartbeat is slow

The only echo I still know

Sheets feel cool to the skin

That crawls , where you no longer live in

I place my hand across my breast

Count the countless ends of breath

My eyes clench

Tears fall upon pillows

Catching each drop like net

That can no longer hold all the regret.

I should’ve known you first

Should ‘ve loved you longer

Held you closer

Let go of anger…

Now I lay in a pool I created

Of heartbeats and tears

In a darkness … Within fear

Of all I should of said

Wishing you back to me

Letting you drift

From every memory ~


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