Ashes to Ashes


I will never hold a candle to your flame. Winter has numbed my heart creating icicles that I use as weapons against the night. Even a heart as warm as yours will never be enough to thaw the frozen statue of my flesh.

II. My ivory skin has gone numb, my fingertips feel nothing more than my broken heart. I could throw my body against the fire and feel nothing against the flames. My skin will burn, my flesh will be devoured. Velvet smoke will poison your lungs.

III. Lost girl, frozen heart.Tell me when you hear my heart stop. The ringing of bells in my ears, flesh called home. Wings not given to those who throw it all away.

IV. He left my soul broken, I would of taken broken bones over a shattered spirit. The light is blinding , the ghost sing. The shadows lead me home, but you no longer hold that responsibility.

V. Let her go, she has let winter to consume her. She allowed her heart to be burned at the stake. Blow away her ashes…. Her bed, she did make. She sleeps with ghost and the past, lost in cinder, covered in ash.


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