You’re the hurricane of my heart

The gale force love affair 

A perfect storm

Of two souls colliding 

In a world of temptation. 

Your eye’s hold the night sky

And you ask me to paint you 

A night full of stars

But I never held the moon…

My shaky hands

Cannot even hold your name

A whisper to the heavens

Because I can’t speak to the Gods

The rain cascades as their tears

For my lips can’t say, Amen

A hollow hymn leaves my bones

The music leaves my heart

I am the thunder within your veins

The torment of your soul

I am the storm that leaves you buried

The puddles that leave your cheeks wet

I am the reason they name hurricanes after people

I am the devastation before the dawn~ 

Chasing rainbows and pots of gold after the storm



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