I.The broken always find the hopeless

Their whispers can be heard on the drifting winter winds

A song to sing to hollow bones 

That draw them in. 

II. Wretched souls unbound, twisting in their own plight 

Chasing shadows in the morning light

Holding hands with ghost

Letting go of who you love the most.

IIi. Digging graves with bare hands

Placing dirt on boxes that hold the past

Saying goodbye with a handful of ash and sand.

IV. Tears sweep cheeks on missed kisses, chapped lips and winters reason

Hands fisted at this unfair life

In darkness , there is always light

V.Time is infinite, yet there is never enough

I will keep you locked away in the cage of my ribs

Take my heart as you leave

So you always have a piece of me

VI. There is a shovel beside my bed

It holds the ability to move earth

Free you from your past

Take away the shadows

Where promises actually last



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