Sleep Sweet

I wish you paint the sky in every shade of darkness
The plums and ebony that remind me of your starlit eyes
Giving me hope in a world filled with shadows that don’t belong with me
For the Gods never called them home. I’m chasing ghost, in a cemetery I created, burying all the letters 
My heart refused to send home. 

I fail to realize my own body has become my tomb, stitched on broken promises and thin thread. Digging my own grave, one breath at a time … Inviting darkness because I don’t have the courage to stand in the light. 

I pick up my shovel and remove the earth from my feet, leaving the dirt marked for my soul. Two twigs , one promise and all the ghosts. 

Too tired to continue down this path that leads me back to expectations, only to blow on the flames and create fire. Dusting myself with smoke and regret, reliving life and everything I cannot forget. 

Find the moon , under the crying sky
Kissing the sun and this place goodbye. 
Leaving my heart on the altar, reclaiming the plot in which I lay. Bringing tears to cheeks, licking lips and saying …
Sleep sweet



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