Surviving Storms

She was a storm I would not survive
Danced in rains that poured from the sky
In thunder and lightening
On the sands of time

She ran onto the beach
While everyone ran for cover
Raised her hands
As to her mother
The skies grew black
With anticipation
Growing stronger
With retribution
Bare feet and hair wild
Free and careless
I watched awhile
As lightning echoed
And thunder exploded
A death wish she promoted
Danced on the beach
In a storm so furious
I was the one
Who became curious
The flashes of light
Made her hair look like gold
She looked like a shadow
Against the cold
She laughed and spun
In the pouring rain
Perhaps she was not sane
She was wild and free
As she ran into the furious sea
Dove under huge waves
Mimicking the darkest of caves
I lost sight of this wonder
In the storms and the thunder
She was not seen
By another
I witnessed a storm
In a beautiful form
She was the hurricane
Without a name
Immersed by waters so deep
She was a girl you could not keep
A storm so alive
None of us would survive



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