Matchstick girl

This old house reeks of you

of us, our life and your broken promises.

I can smell the cedar when I walk into the bedroom

from the hope chest, you built our dreams on.

I can smell your cologne, still lingering in the bathroom

for I shattered every bottle against the tile floors

that you  painstakingly laid…

as you built our home.

The living room is painted in your favorite shade,

the color of my eyes, they used to sparkle blue.

Even though I splattered the walls with the charcoal

paint, that reminded me of ash…made me think of you.

I cannot even walk outside

without being reminded of our life

like the old oak tree with the etching

of two initials, burned into the bark.

I still remember when you did it

you made my heart melt.

Now I look upon these shattered dreams

and broken pieces of our home…

and want nothing more than

to take a single match and all this rage

and burn it to the fucking ground




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