No such thing as ever after

Lips Stained like apples
crimson, but bitter
with every bite.
Her Kiss was poison
Like biting into the venom
of a evil respite

Winter white skin
hair as black as night
every breath she took
was someone’s life

Her life was like a fairy tale
but on the darker side
there is no prince
and this girl saves herself.

On the dark side of the woods
she crept and lingered
broken by stories
of happily ever after’s
that did not exist.

Her heart was as hollow
as the world around her
echoed in revenge and pain
the path she swore to follow

Dressed in a black corset
and blood stained dress
boots that rose to her thighs
to make men cry…

Her every move was a mortal sin
So the story begins

She seeked out lovers
those who she envied the most
and cut out their hearts
from their host

She strung them across the trees
and hung them out to dry
like bitter memories
she tried to hide

A warning to lovers
who had come before her
sentenced to death
by the weight of her stare

A fate much worse
then she had ever bared
She laughed while they wept
for one another’s, unapologetic death

She wanted all their hearts to be shattered
because it was only her fate
that really even mattered.
There is no such thing
as wishes and fairy god mothers

She became her own hero to her story
unjustified, even in all it’s glory

Yet this is no fairy tale story
and there are no ever after’s

Just a story from a inspired crafter ~


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