Broken Boy

Broken boy

lost soul

seeking shelter

from life’s woe’s.

Dumping poison down his throat

smoking cigarettes that make him choke

reading stories , he never wrote.

Broken man

shattered by life

abused his whole life.

Someone always taking

never giving back

anything but pain.

Chose’s to hide

all the hurt inside

by using his body

like a carving knife.

I wish you believed in yourself

enough to make a change

otherwise you will always be

a prisoner of this rage.

Broken boy meets broken girl

meeting in this broken world

She wants to love him for the rest of her life

He refuses her love

it cuts her deeper then his knives

Broken girl

whispers, you are worth fighting for

I am not going anywhere

Broken boy

feels he is not worthy of her love

and spills his blood across the floor

Broken girls weeps for his sin

For a love that never had the time to begin


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