When we were two, I stared at stars and wished for you
When we were five, you held my hand and I held yours back to
When we turned ten, you pricked my finger and made me promise to always remember
When we were 15,you chased the boys away who seemed to linger
You held up your finger to make me remember
When we were 20, you sent me a postcard with a picture of a lake
with the words, Leaving was a mistake
When we turned 25, we both had our lives to lead
one in awhile a text to each to read
When we turned 27
I was living a life, far from heaven
I wondered if you wondered about me
On our 3oth birthday
You showed up at my door
with tears in your eyes and the whiskey I adored
We drank and relived all our moments from the past
talked about how life went so fast.
I confessed that life did not turn out as I thought
with all the heartache, tears it brought
He held up one finger to silent my lips
that same one he once pricked
He said, we made a promise to each other that day, sealed in fate and time, that no matter what time or life had in store
he would always be what he was before
My best friend

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