Her footsteps led to the edge of the ocean.

Empty thoughts, drifted like rolling waves.

Salt blown tears captured her cheeks,

as she gazed apon the endless sea.

A step closer and her feet are submerged.

Blank stare, moonlit night

the chill of winter touched her skin.

Toes become numb, a complete loss of feeling.

Waves roll up to her knees,

shaking her to her core.

Drifting further into the sea of regret.

Sounds of rolling thunder, as lightning echoed across the sky

Though all she can hear is the sound of her racing heart.

Waist deep in bitter waters,

stings like life did, before her.

Hands balled into fist, turning knuckles white

Giving in, giving up

Fist open like a reckoning or awakening.

Her body weightless as the ocean takes over.

She feels nothing and everything like a rush of morphine.

The calm takes over, leaving her floating along the foam

like all her hopes and dreams of home.

She no longer fights for control

Her hands outstretched to the skies

In the sea of darkness

her body drifts into the unknown.

The only sound, she once heard…was gone.

Her last breaths are shallow

her heart and pain finally slows

arms at her side, as her body sinks into the night.

Only the moon and the stars know of her plight.

As they watched silently on that cold winters night.


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