Fire destroys all that it engulfs

Clearing remnants in it’s echo

Raging through the once still world.

Creating ash and smoke

Leaving behind shadows

Scorched memories

Of what once stood

Marking it’s path in velvet black

covering the earth in it’s soot

As if snow to turned to ash

falling from the skies, with hell to pay.

Bringing heat and aglow it’s embers

Devastating in it’s wake

Such beauty as she breathes

Igniting it’s fury with a vengeance

No stone unturned, it envelopes

creating chaos and burning intentions.

Grabbing hold

Not letting go

Flaming fury, wicked flames

Brought to cleanse the earth.

Silence in a gray perspective

Smoldering ash

like new fallen snow

Cleared the path, once ablaze

to be reborn


another day ~

Author  ©Heather Ranson


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